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What you don’t see on Instagram

Instagram is well known for filtering people’s lives to make it seem like everything is amazing. It couldn’t be more true in the case of travellers. Posting photos of white sandy beaches, old castles and temples, we leave out the...

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8 things I wish I knew before I started travelling

The first time I travelled alone I remember being excited about the road ahead but nervous about things that could go wrong. Whilst I am not always happy when travelling, the ups far far outweigh the downs and I for one am so pleased that I made that...

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The guide to getting cheap flights in Europe

Being a university student is one of the best positions to be in if you want to travel. That crushing debt looming over your shoulder may make travelling feel difficult, but really it’s not. The amount of holiday university students have...

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Welcome to my website. It's got some photos, some writing, irregular updates on my life and some other things hidden around. I decided to ditch all my social media so this is a replacement, taking the things I enjoyed about social media and putting them on here. I've got a blog with articles about travel that I have written over time (this is not updated often). There is also a storybox, which is a non-social media alternative to Instagram (which I used to be quite active on).

Name : Josh Snyder
Phone : +44 7896 084655
Email :
Address : St. John's College, Cambridge, CB2 1TP


This is what I've been up to recently, what I've got planned for the future or just things I am finding interesting.

  • Cambridge University

    Mathematics, St. John's College

    I am currently in my final year of studying the Maths Tripos at Cambridge. I have wanted to study maths for as long as I can remember wanting to study anything and I have really enjoyed my time so far in Cambridge; both the studying and the societies. I am currently looking to continue my studies by applying for Masters programs in Cambridge and Barcelona.

  • Books

    21 Lessons for the 21st century, The Odyssey, Homo Deus

    Reading takes me ages and I usually have a few books on the go. I have been reading 21 lessons for the 21st century, another in the historical and forward looking series from Yuval Noah Harari. The book presents a number of challenges society is facing due to the technological advancements in AI and Biotech.

  • Travelling

    Austria, Poland

    Over the Easter holidays I will have revision to do for my final exams in the coming term, but I will also have some time off. I will be travelling to Austria to go Skiing for a few days before returning to Poland with Hania's family. The rest of my holidays will be spent either in Cambridge or at home with my family for Easter.

  • Philosophy

    A history of Philosophy

    I am undertaking a lengthy project of reading about major philosophical works from the ancient Greeks to the present day. I am using as a historical guide 'A history of western philosophy' by Bertrand Russell and the informative podcasts 'A history of philosophy without any gaps' by Peter Adamson. I am currently at the beggining of the project, looking at the pre-Socratic philosophers.


Have a cool travel story? Need some advice on a place I have been to? Get in touch. I'd love to hear from you.